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We reduce the complexity of reporting and help ensure your personal taxes and business taxes are on point


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Handling of Notices from outside organizations

We work to resolve any past due payments, delinquencies, or other issues regarding your business entity, including payroll, sales tax, state, or federal issues.

Strategic Planning

We provide guidance on your organization's strategic direction and help you determine how to allocate resources and control the mechanisms that support your strategy.

Payroll Setup

Set-up includes state employer registration, workers compensation, employee onboarding and communications.

Sales Tax Preparation and Filing

We generate the necessary reports to file and pay your monthly, quarterly, or yearly sales tax returns.

Sales Tax Authorities*

* Re-seller certificate

Employment Verification Letters

Preparation of letters of verification for potential hires

Tax Returns (business)

Preparation and filing of your business’s tax returns

Tax Returns (personal)

Preparation and filing of your personal tax returns

Year-End 1099 Filing

We prepare and file 1099 forms for independent contractors paid more than $650 during the tax year.

Accounts Payable

We prepare and manage your outgoing payments through your bill-pay system.

Accounts Receivable

We prepare invoices and handle follow-up communications for unpaid invoices.

Bookkeeping Clean-up

We help you maintain a clear picture of your business’s financial position by getting accounting records up-to-date and ready for daily transactions, loans, and taxes.

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